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SPECIAL HOBBY: 1/72; Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I/ASR Mk.II 'Foreign Service'

prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti.During WW2, both the RAF and FAA introduced into their service the amphibian Sea Otter biplane which was designed to replace the famous Walrus and also became the very last Supermarine-built biplane to see service with the RAF and FAA. The type was mainly used in the observation and sea rescue roles. In the post war years, it was also exported to several other countries. Four styrene sprues, one clear parts spure, photo-etches and a set of resin parts makes the content of this model kit. The decals bring markings of three machines as flown by the French, Dutch and Danish forces.kit of a British amphibious flying boatdecals for three machines cover the French Aeronavale, the Dutch Navy and Danish Air Forcecontains etches and resin parts

SPECIAL HOBBY: 1/48; V-156F Vindicator Aéronavale Service

Scala 1:48prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti.In the effort to get modern military aircraft, France bought larger numbers of US machines in 1939. Among them also the V-156 Vindicator dive bombers. The French version was designated the V-156F and differed significantly from the US machines - it was not fitted with the arrestor hook below the fuselage and instead carried air brakes in the wings. The V-156Fs also got French armament - machine guns, and underwing racks and bombs. Even though they were tested on board of the Béarn carrier, France operated them from land bases only. All of them were eventually destroyed during the Battle of France in 1940. This release offers the excellent Accurate Miniatures styrene parts joined by a new injection moulded French-type wing, new windscreen, photo-ethches and detail resin parts. The decal sheet caters for four French machines, one wearing a camoulfage scheme, three in grey over-all.

SPECIAL HOBBY: 1/48; J-20/Héja I 'Re 2000 Export Birds

Scala 1:48prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti.Il Re 2005 è stato uno dei migliori aerei da combattimento della seconda guerra dell'Italia. Anche se poco meno di 40 esemplari furono completati nel 1943, l'aereo vide servizio con tre forze, la Regia Aeronautica, l'Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana e la Luftwaffe tedesca. E i markings di tutti e tre questi operatori sono offerti sul foglio delle decalcomanie del kit.? modello altamente preciso e dettagliato? quattro opzioni e schemi di marking (2x Regia Aeronautica, 1x Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana, 1x Luftwaffe)? foglio decalcomania accuratamente progettato e ricercatoWWII, Italia, Germania